List of search engine optimization software tools available and their uses

Search engine optimization software tools are created to assist in the optimization of any website so that it is found in the first few pages of any popular search engines.

Some of the search engine optimization tools are: 

Indexed Pages Tool: This SEO software tool lists the number of pages indexed through the main search engines.   

Internet search engine Ranking Checker: This search engine optimization software tool checks the position from the web page in a variety of search engines for each keyword. The automated approach saves a lot time for the Search engine marketing professionals in determining the ranking of the web site. 

Web site Map Generator: This tool instantaneously generates the sitemap of different internet sites. 

Targeted traffic Estimator: This instrument is meant to find out the range of site visitors on the web page in the course of a certain time period. Hyperlink developing services bring a good deal of online visitors for the websites. 

Key word Density Estimation tools: High and low keyword densities usually are not favorable to boost the rankings. Keyword density tools are used to maintain it at the optimum rate. 

Duplicate content Checker: Search engines ignore and even penalize web-sites that contain duplicate contents. Duplicate content checker assists to preserve a unique content in web sites. 

Meta Tag Generator: Meta descriptions are showed within the search results benefits pages. The Meta Tag Generator aids to produce keywords and phrases within the character limits. 

URL Rewriting Software: Static URLs are search results friendly. The tool creates static URL for each dynamic URL. 

Incorporating the use of these resources in the design and every day running of the website can result in a top ten listing in Google.